Internet Access

Having a stable internet connection can sometimes be the biggest roadblock for someone whos trying to access the online world. To those who lack the foundational digital skills knowing what data is, how much they use and where to get some added to their phone is a completely foreign concept.


Here at the MDC we believe that educating people on how to access the internet and providing direct access, where possible, is the best way of getting everyone connected.

Deals for Those Receiving Universal Credit

On this course, we have listed all of the current deals that have been made...

Getting Set up with Mobile Data on Your Phone

Here we show you the difference between mobile data and Wi-Fi, help you figure out...

Getting Set Up with Wi-Fi at Home

Here we show you how to find the best internet speeds in your area, help...

Internet Access in the UK

1.9 million households have no access to the internet and 25.9 million more rely on pay-as-you-go services to provide their internet connection.

Currently Pay-as-you-go customers without the means to buy data are finding themselves shut in their homes, facing social isolation with no means of communicating with the outside world.

“Any time you phone an organisation they want your email address. With universal credit you have to log on daily. When I got my phone I was able to reconnect and get back on track.”

Manchester Free Wi-Fi Map

On this map, we’ve listed all of the free and accessible Wi-Fi zones and hotspots all across Manchester, so that you’re always able to find somewhere to get connected.


Please note that sometimes Wi-Fi zones appear and disappear, so sometimes the map isn’t 100% accurate. However  if you do find that a free zone is no longer available please feel free to get in contact with us.