When you join the MDC, we give you access to all of the digital tools and physical resources the collective has to offer.

All we ask is that you contribute what you can and help us spread the message.

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Why Should You Join the Collective?

The MDC has an online learning platform which allows individuals to self teach.


When you join the MDC we allow you to make full use of this by listing courses that you have on it, allowing your learners and all that visit the MDC to benefit. The MDC will also provide assistance to anyone that needs help with digitising any existing courses that they have.


Currently, the learning platform supports text-based coursesĀ & video-based courses with accustoming gifs, images and quizzes. The learning platform also has accessibility in mind and includes an inbuilt text to speech reader.


The learning platform is a core aspect of the MDC and will continue to grow to encompass more functionality over time. The goal currently is to make the content even more accessible by creating a mobile app which provides a cleaner experience for users and allows the learning platform to utilise more of the phone. Once the platform is app-based we will progress towards the gamification of the platform to increase engagement and make the learning as fun as we can!

Currently, the MDC is working to facilitate an online wellbeing webinar, where a teacher will have a group of learners sign up for online video face-to-face courses. The teacher will be given management tools and will be able to use the learning platform as a teaching aid throughout the course, which will be able to send out quizzes to monitor engagement levels.


This pilot is due to run in late January or early February, and once its been piloted webinar facilities will be made available to all members of the MDC.

Currently, the MDC is running a device collection scheme on behalf of Lifesahre. When you join the MDC and agree to help promote the scheme we’ll give you access to all of the received devices, which will be processed and delivered to you with leaflets detailing how to use them, all for free!

The MDC allows multiple organisations to share information regarding digital inclusion. Be it a scheme where organisations can apply for free equipment, free training, funding information, etc. We all share it together so that we can all spend less time researching and more time applying and making use out of those schemes.

When you join the MDC, you are able to leverage the marketing capabilities of the MDC’s page and all of the members of the collective, which substantially increases the reach of any of your campaigns. All we ask is that you repay the favour, make sure it’s related to digital exclusion and is ideally something that will benefit every member of the collective.


As the saying goes, there’s always strength in unity and in numbers.

When you join the MDC, you join the discussion on where the MDC is striving towards. No matter if you come from a technical background or not, your wisdom and input are valued. The MDC was formed to allow Manchester-based charities to democratically work for hand in hand and make the most of all of the resources we collectively have. Though the MDC is powered by Lifeshare, its essence comes from its members.

"Sites need to be able to interact in one single, universal space."

Tim Berners-Lee (Inventor of the World Wide Web)