Safely connecting with people

While the internet can be a useful and effective way to connect with people, it is important to be careful when doing so.

Social media has presented society with lots of new challenges and it is important to be aware of these before using it.

When using a platform where people can comment on posts, you must firstly be conscious that anything you post yourself is not offensive or containing too much of your own personal information.

You must also be aware that other people may post things that you find offensive or disagree with, but it is important to try and avoid arguing with other users online.

An example of this behaviour is often referred to as ‘trolling’, this is where someone, usually from an anonymous account, sends negative comments and sometimes abusive messages.

If such a thing occurs to you on one of your profiles, it is important to try not to engage with the troll. You could even block them to stop you from seeing these comments.

You could also report the account in order to flag the account up to the social media provider.