Different Search Engines and their Pros and Cons

The pros and cons between different search engines mostly depends on two things; the quality of the results you’d like when you search for something, and how much you value your privacy.

For example, Google is known for producing the best search results which is why over 90% of people use Google. However Google will monitor more of your data than other providers.

Now data is a general term and can mean a lot of things, but in this example it is any information related to you as an individual. For example it could be something basic like your name and age, or it could be information about where you use your device, what the weather is like when you’re searching, what did you last search for and so on.

So if Google knew that it was winter time where you lived and you search for a coat, it would show you winter coats. Whereas if it didn’t know the weather where you live, it might show you a summer coat.

A search provider that doesn’t use a lot of data is DuckDuckGo.com who make it their priority to keep your data private.

What Google Does with Your Data

What DuckDuckGo Does with Your Data