Keyboard shortcuts

Copying and pasting

When using the internet, if there’s ever a piece of text that you’d like to copy, there’s a keyboard shortcut you can use which makes it a lot easier.

Simply highlight the text you’d like to copy with your mouse, hold the “ctrl” key then press the “c” key to copy.

Then when you want to paste what you’ve copied, click where you’d like the text to go, then hold the “ctrl” key and press the “v” key.

Refreshing websites

If you’re on a website, and it’s taking a unusually long time to load or seems to be behaving unusually, you may need to refresh the page.

Refreshing the page means that you loads another brand new version of the page you were looking at, which normally sorts out any problems.

There are two easy way of doing this, one uses a shortcut and the other a function key. The shortcut it to hold the “ctrl” key, and then press the “r” key, and the page will refresh. Alternatively you can use a function key, and in this instance the one to refresh a page is the “f5” key.