MDC Member Example: How to Create a Course

Course Description This course will show you how you can make your own course for the MDC.   Key concepts covered include: Course structure. Creating lessons, topics and quizzes. Writing...

Deals for Those Receiving Universal Credit

On this course, we have listed all of the current deals that have been made available to those receiving universal credit.   If you know of any more please feel...

Getting Set up with Mobile Data on Your Phone

Here we show you the difference between mobile data and Wi-Fi, help you figure out how much data you’ll need, where you’ll find the best deal, and how to get...

Getting Set Up with Wi-Fi at Home

Here we show you how to find the best internet speeds in your area, help you pick an internet package that’s right for you, and show you what you need...

Instant messaging

On the internet a message can be sent and received at the other end within the space of a second.   Now that instant messaging services have been around for...

Online music and podcasts

Get listening to your ears content on the internet.   From educational podcasts and stories to rock and roll and hip hop.   It’s all there on the internet.

Watching TV and online videos

Give yourself access to everything on the TV and more by watching videos online. Not only can they entertain you but they can teach you many different and new skills,...

Instagram: Getting started

Share pictures, videos, audio messages and much much more with Instagram.

Introduction to Socialising Online

The internet is a fantastic place for keeping in touch with loved ones and making friends. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do this is the...

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Online shopping

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Keeping your device safe

Making sure your device can only be used by yourself and those you trust is important. Learn how to do so on this course.  

Keeping your personal data safe

While using the internet if you aren’t safe your data can be stolen from you. Sometimes this is something as basic as your age, but could be your account passwords....

Job Hunting Online

Learn how to get access to a vast array of jobs by searching and applying for them on the internet.  

Managing your money

Multiple accounts, allocated spending, weekly budgets. There’s many ways that you can use technology to help you stay on top of your money, learn more on the course below.

Online and mobile banking

Forget walking to the nearest cash point or bank every time you want to check your balance or transfer money. With online banking you can do it all from the...

Using public services online

Learn how to access all the local level and national services available to you at the touch of a button.  

Universal credit: A how to guide

Universal credit is there to help. Learn how to prepare and apply for universal credit here.

Creating presentations

Presentations are not only a valued work skills but are a great way of conveying any concepts or ideas that you may have.  

Creating spreadsheets

Spreadsheets help you organise people, money and visualise information in new and interesting ways. Knowing how to use them well is a respected and desirable work skill.  

Creating documents

Documents can be anything from posters and flyers, to personal novels and curriculum vitaes. Though every document needs to be well laid out and formatted so that it can be...