Different types of computer

The two most widely used computers are the desktop computer and the laptop.

The two share a lot of similarities regarding their parts and what they can do, though they are designed for two different scenarios.

Dektop Computer

A desktop computer is a large computer that is designed to be set up in one place and not move very often.

Because desktops are immobile they do not need to be as space conscious as a portable device, meaning that they don’t sacrifice size over performance and typically have better performance compared to a laptop of a similar price.

Also with a desktop you have the freedom to pick your own keyboard, mouse, screen and speakers.

Laptop Computer

A laptop computer is a lightweight and portable computer, that is designed to be taken around and used in many different places.

Because all of the parts of the computer need to be squeezed into a smaller case, laptops tend to perform more slowly compared to a similarly priced desktop, though they are more portable.