Video and audio ports


HDMI, which is short for High Definition Multimedia Interface, is the port that is used to plugin screens and or monitors into.

A HDMI cable works for both video and audio, so if your screen has any speakers the HDMI cable will send any sounds from the computer to those speakers.


VGA, which is short for Video Graphics Array, is similar to the HDMI port in the fact that it is used for plugging in screens and monitors, however it does not send or receive any sound, just video.

VGA is an older port than the HDMI, though a lot of computers will still come with VGA ports to support older monitors.


Aux, which is short for auxiliary, is the name of the port that you use to plug your speakers, headphones or microphone into.

Sometimes a computer can have a very similar port which is used for connecting microphones, so if your computers speakers don’t work you may have plugged them into the aux port.